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Moving to Nashville-Davidson from Memphis BETA

This page shows which neighborhoods in Nashville-Davidson are similar to neighborhoods in Memphis.

Rents in Nashville-Davidson average $1 and are about the same as rents in Memphis.

Nashville-Davidson's Walk Score is 29, 6 points lower than Memphis's 35.

Nashville-Davidson has minimal public transportation and does not have many bike lanes. Nashville-Davidson has a Transit Score of 22, Memphis's score is 22. Nashville-Davidson's Bike Score is 30, Memphis's score is 41.

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Similar Neighborhoods

Here are neighborhoods in Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee that are similar to Memphis, Tennessee neighborhoods.

Similarity is based on walkability, public transit, population density, rent, income, and social signals. Don't take our analysis too seriously because similarity is in the eye of the beholder!

Bellmont-Hillsboro is similar to New Pathways, Idlewild-East End Historic and Paul Borda Towers in Memphis.

Bellshire Terrace is similar to Springhill Community Civic Club, Roseleigh and 40th Ward Civic Club in Memphis.

Bordeaux Area is similar to 40th Ward Civic Club, Red Oaks and 48th Ward Civic Club in Memphis.

Buena Vista is similar to Cooper Young, Annesdale Park and Evergreen Historic District in Memphis.

Buena Vista Heights is similar to Harbor Town, Hunters Hollow and Orange Mound Civic Orgganization in Memphis.

Cahal Street Group is similar to South Bluffs, Mendenhall Estates and Bethel Grove Community Organization in Memphis.

Cameron Trimble is similar to Evergreen Historic District, East Parkway and Cooper Young in Memphis.

Cherokee Park is similar to Dunn Road, Alta Vista Stage and Rhodes Hollywood Springdale Partnership in Memphis.

Clifton-Southwest is similar to Fairhills, East Buntyn and Snowden - Claybrook Block Club in Memphis.

College Heights-Clifton is similar to Dottie-Sparks, Claremont Circle Block Club and Glenview in Memphis.

Cumberland Gardens is similar to Harbor Town, Orange Mound Civic Orgganization and Bethel Grove Community Organization in Memphis.

East End is similar to Idlewild-East End Historic, Idlewild and Midtown-Central in Memphis.

East Hill is similar to South Bluffs, Bethel Grove Community Organization and Mendenhall Estates in Memphis.

Eastwood is similar to South Bluffs, Annesdale Park and Mendenhall Estates in Memphis.

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Edgehill is similar to Central Gardens, Audobon Square Condominiums and Idlewild-East End Historic in Memphis.

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