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Cities in Nevada

The 17 largest cities in Nevada (the most populous cities in NV are Las Vegas, Henderson, and Reno) have an average Walk Score of 29. The best cities in Nevada ranked by Walk Score are Winchester, Paradise, and Las Vegas, while the least walkable cities are Pahrump, Fernley, and Summerlin South.

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The list of Nevada cities below is sorted alphabetically, but can also be sorted by Walk Score or population (click table's heading to sort).


Walk Score


Las Vegas (the largest city in Nevada) 39 583,756
Henderson 28 257,729
Reno 36 225,221
Paradise 45 223,167
North Las Vegas 30 216,961
Sunrise Manor 33 189,372
Spring Valley 36 178,395
Enterprise 22 108,481
Sparks 38 90,264
Carson City 31 55,274
Whitney 26 38,585
Pahrump 3 36,441
Winchester 51 27,978
Summerlin South 17 24,085
Fernley 10 19,368
Sun Valley 18 19,299
Elko 35 18,297

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