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Rental info for 515 W. Barry in the Chicago area
from $1,010
Studio-1 bed
Rental info for Fairlawn Apartments in the Boston area
from $1,105
Rental info for Avalon Lyndhurst in the New York area
from $1,875
Rental info for Oaks Hiawatha Station in the Minneapolis area
from $805
Rental info for AVA H Street in the Washington D.C. area
from $1,455
Rental info for Gables Grand Plaza in the Miami area
from $2,005
Rental info for Soma At 788 in the San Francisco area
from $2,812
Rental info for Archstone Emeryville in the Oakland area
from $1,945

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Now Serving Over 20 Million Scores Per Day

That’s almost 14,000 Walk Score, Transit Score and Bike Score ratings being shown to home and apartment shoppers every minute! Wow. Every day we hear from renters, home shoppers, property managers, realtors and real estate developers about the growing importance of walkability, short commutes, bike-ability and access to public transit. As such, it’s no surprise…

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