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I vow to #walkshop this holiday season. Support local businesses. #shopsmall http://walk.sc/KBYhpT via @walkscore

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Holiday Season Vow: Walk + Shop Locally

local boutique store interior with walk and shop local banner

Vow to support small and locally owned businesses this holiday season. Walk to local stores or shopping hubs in your community. Take public transit, carpool, bike or walk—stay healthy while supporting local businesses.

Communities and local economies thrive when we shop locally. Forbes wrote "Small businesses = big impact" in 2012. For every $1 spent at a small business, more money gets reinvested back in the local economy than if $1 were spent at big chain stores. A virtuous cycle of local economic impact.

Counter Black Friday and Cyber Monday by walking + shopping locally on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 24. Holiday shop locally—that day or any day.

Do you support small, local businesses in walkable places?

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