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Moving to Columbus from Albuquerque BETA

This page shows which neighborhoods in Columbus are similar to neighborhoods in Albuquerque.

Rents in Columbus average $1 and are about the same as rents in Albuquerque.

Columbus's Walk Score is 41, 2 points lower than Albuquerque's 43.

Columbus has some public transportation and does not have many bike lanes. Columbus has a Transit Score of 30, Albuquerque's score is 29. Columbus's Bike Score is 48, Albuquerque's score is 61.

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Similar Neighborhoods

Here are neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio that are similar to Albuquerque, New Mexico neighborhoods.

Similarity is based on walkability, public transit, population density, rent, income, and social signals. Don't take our analysis too seriously because similarity is in the eye of the beholder!

Broadleigh is similar to Pat Hurley, East Central Business Park and Osuna Park Inc in Albuquerque.

Cumberland Ridge is similar to Kirtland Community, Broadbent Business Park and Yale Village in Albuquerque.

Downtown is similar to Sycamore and Downtown in Albuquerque.

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Hayden Falls is similar to North Four Hills, Sandia Ridge East and La Luz Del Sol in Albuquerque.

Italian Village is similar to Nob Hill, Huning Highland Historic District and Broadway Central Corridor Partnership in Albuquerque.

Maize-Morse is similar to Snow Heights, Stardust Skies Park and Near North Valley in Albuquerque.

Olde Sawmill is similar to Panorama Heights, La Sala Grande and Eldorado Heights in Albuquerque.

Olde Town East is similar to Silver Hill, Downtown and University Heights in Albuquerque.

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Short North is similar to University Heights, Broadway Central Corridor Partnership and Silver Hill in Albuquerque.

Slate Hill is similar to S.r. Marmon, Taylor Ranch and Heritage East in Albuquerque.

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Smoky Mill Estates is similar to Paradise Hills Civic, Antelope Run and Nor Este in Albuquerque.

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South Central Hilltop is similar to Southeast Heights, Eisenhower Area and Richland Hills in Albuquerque.

Summit View Woods is similar to Heritage East, Embudo Canyon and Seven Bar North in Albuquerque.

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Tuttle West is similar to Academy Park, Los Volcanes and Bear Canyon in Albuquerque.

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Victorian Village is similar to Nob Hill, Fair West and Huning Highland Historic District in Albuquerque.

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