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Moving to San Antonio from Oklahoma City BETA

This page shows which neighborhoods in San Antonio are similar to neighborhoods in Oklahoma City.

Rents in San Antonio average $1 and are about the same as rents in Oklahoma City.

San Antonio's Walk Score is 37, 3 points higher than Oklahoma City's 34.

San Antonio has some public transportation and does not have many bike lanes. San Antonio has a Transit Score of 31, Oklahoma City's score is 17. San Antonio's Bike Score is 45, Oklahoma City's score is 40.

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Similar Neighborhoods

Here are neighborhoods in San Antonio, Texas that are similar to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma neighborhoods.

Similarity is based on walkability, public transit, population density, rent, income, and social signals. Don't take our analysis too seriously because similarity is in the eye of the beholder!

Adams Hill is similar to Ski Island Lake Club, Rosedale Gardens and Britton Place in Oklahoma City.

Alamo Farmsteads is similar to Treadwell Hills, The Oaks and Ravenswood in Oklahoma City.

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Alta Vista is similar to Central Capitol Hill, Belle Isle View and Western Hills in Oklahoma City.

Arboretum is similar to Zachary Taylor, Historic Brookhaven and Crestline Park-Southbrook in Oklahoma City.

Avenida Guadalupe is similar to Shepherd Historic District, Meadowbrook Acres and Medical Community in Oklahoma City.

Babcock North is similar to Country Hollow, Redbud Estates and Ole Windmill Estates in Oklahoma City.

Beacon Hill is similar to Central Capitol Hill, Heritage Hills East and Belle Isle View in Oklahoma City.

Blossom Park is similar to Crestline Park-Southbrook, Zachary Taylor and 50 Penn West in Oklahoma City.

Bluffview at Camino Real is similar to Woods Block Club, Avalon Woods and North East 58th Street West in Oklahoma City.

Braun Station is similar to Vintage Gardens, Brenton Hills and Garden Neighborhood Council in Oklahoma City.

Braun Station East is similar to Brenton Hills, Del Mar Laning and Kimberly Place in Oklahoma City.

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Braun's Farm is similar to Wildewood Hills-Heights, Glen Eagles and Wellington Park in Oklahoma City.

Burning Tree is similar to Treadwell Hills, The Oaks and Garden Neighborhood Council in Oklahoma City.

Cable Westwood is similar to Bush Hills, Stockyards City Main Street and Pitts Park in Oklahoma City.

Cadillac Drive is similar to Waterfront at Oakmond, Treadwell Hills and Springlake in Oklahoma City.

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