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Moving to San Francisco from Detroit BETA

This page shows which neighborhoods in San Francisco are similar to neighborhoods in Detroit.

Rents in San Francisco average $3,875, 387% higher than the average rent of $795 in Detroit.

San Francisco's Walk Score is 86, 31 points higher than Detroit's 55.

San Francisco has excellent public transportation and is very bikeable. San Francisco has a Transit Score of 80, Detroit's score is 38. San Francisco's Bike Score is 75, Detroit's score is 55.

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Here are neighborhoods in San Francisco, California that are similar to Detroit, Michigan neighborhoods.

Similarity is based on walkability, public transit, population density, rent, income, and social signals. Don't take our analysis too seriously because similarity is in the eye of the beholder!

Hunters Point is similar to Jeffries, Mcnichols and Winter Halter in Detroit.

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