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Walk Score Trademark Guidelines

Walk Score, Transit Score and Bike Score are registered trademarks of Walk Score Inc.

Please follow these guidelines when referring and linking to Walk Score, Transit Score, Bike Score and our associated walkability, transit and bikeability ratings:

Use the appropriate registration marks, and include a link to www.walkscore.com, for the first reference to each trademark on a page, post, or article.

  • Correct use: Walk Score®, Transit Score®, Bike Score®, ChoiceMaps™

Capitalize the first letter of each word, include a space between the words, and never use the trademark in the plural form.

  • Correct use: Walk Score, Transit Score, Bike Score
  • Incorrect use: walk score, Walkability score, Transitscore, Bike Scores

Use the trademarks as an adjective, never as a noun or verb.

  • Correct use: Walk Score ranking, Transit Score rating, Bike Score index

Any research or analysis that uses Walk Score data must be published online as an HTML web page and accessible freely (with no pay or registration wall) and contain the following attribution: Data provided by Redfin Real Estate in YOUR CITY NAME with a link to that city page on Redfin.com. For example, data provided by Redfin Real Estate in Phoenix.

If your city does not have a corresponding page on Redfin.com you may use the attribution Data provided by Redfin Real Estate.

If you use Walk Score data in a web page, blog post, or article, any city, neighborhood, or address scores mentioned in the article must have a link to the city, neighborhood, or address page on Walk Score. For example, http://www.walkscore.com/WA/Seattle, https://www.walkscore.com/WA/Seattle/Belltown, or https://www.walkscore.com/score/1099-stewart-st-seattle-wa-98101.

If you use the Walk Score logo on a web page, there must be a minimum spacing of 25 pixels between each side of the logo and other graphic or textual elements on your page, and the logo must link to www.walkscore.com.

Thank you and please contact us if you have any questions regarding proper use of our marks.

Last modified 01/03/2018