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The 2011 Transportation Bill

More of the same?

Right now, Congress is getting ready to write the new 2011 Transportation Bill—an opportunity that only comes along once a decade.

Did you know?

  • Congress spends about $60 billion a year on transportation.
  • Nearly 85% of that goes to expanding or maintaining highways.
  • Only 1.5%—about $3 per American per year—goes to support walking and biking. About 15% goes to support public transit.
  • 83% percent of Americans live in metropolitan areas, yet only 5% live within walking distance of decent public transit.

Getting a great Walk Score doesn't happen by chance. Walkable neighborhoods result from smart policy decisions that allocate our tax dollars and set the rules for development.

Unfortunately, current federal rules and funding priorities make it difficult for communities to create walkable neighborhoods.


Walk Score will hand-deliver the list of supporters to Congress on foot, on bike, on bus, and on subway with our partner Transportation for America. To learn more about the 2011 Transportation Bill and what you can do, please visit the Transportation for America website.

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