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Moving to Omaha from Memphis BETA

This page shows which neighborhoods in Omaha are similar to neighborhoods in Memphis.

Rents in Omaha average $1 and are about the same as rents in Memphis.

Omaha's Walk Score is 48, 13 points higher than Memphis's 35.

Omaha has minimal public transportation and does not have many bike lanes. Omaha has a Transit Score of 24, Memphis's score is 22. Omaha's Bike Score is 42, Memphis's score is 41.

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Similar Neighborhoods

Here are neighborhoods in Omaha, Nebraska that are similar to Memphis, Tennessee neighborhoods.

Similarity is based on walkability, public transit, population density, rent, income, and social signals. Don't take our analysis too seriously because similarity is in the eye of the beholder!

Adams Park is similar to Memphis Defense Depot, Hamilton Community Initiative and Walton Lake in Memphis.

Aksarben - Elmwood Park is similar to Audobon Square Condominiums, Central Gardens and Joffre in Memphis.

Applewood Heights is similar to Riverview, Autumn Ridge and Alta Vista Stage in Memphis.

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Armbrust Acres is similar to Chapel Creek, Stage Park Meadows and Imogene Heights in Memphis.

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Beals is similar to Concerned Neighbors United, Harris Circle Block Club and Hollywood-Hyde Park-Springdale in Memphis.

Bedford Place is similar to Pendleton Place Apartments, Saratoga Block Club and Hubbard Street Block Club in Memphis.

Bemis Park is similar to North Parkway Galloway Neighbor Watch, Castalia - Parkway Block Club and Washington Heights in Memphis.

Benson is similar to Destiny Unlimited, Messick Buntyn and Mendenhall Estates in Memphis.

Benson Gardens is similar to Binghampton-Lester, Annesdale-Snowden and Poplar Highland in Memphis.

Bent Creek is similar to Kirby Trace, Whispering Meadows and Countrywood in Memphis.

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Binney Wirt Spencer is similar to Castalia - Parkway Block Club, North Parkway Galloway Neighbor Watch and Saratoga Block Club in Memphis.

Blackstone is similar to New Pathways, Paul Borda Towers and Idlewild in Memphis.

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Broadmoor Heights - Golden Valley is similar to St. Nick, Balmoral and Raleigh-Ridge Park in Memphis.

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Brook Hollow is similar to Midland-Goodwyn, Ford Road and Frayser Citizens Alert in Memphis.

Brown Park is similar to Washington Heights, Fairlawn and Harris Circle Block Club in Memphis.

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