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Walk Score Neighborhood Map Documentation

This page documents the parameters used to customize the Walk Score Neighborhood Map.

Free Neighborhood Map Parameters

These parameters are available for all Walk Score Neighborhood Map customers.


  • We recommend specifying both the address and the latitude and longitude of a property. If you do not have a lat/lon, you can just specify the address.
  • ws_address — The address for the center of the map.
    Example:  var ws_address = "1501 Pike Place, Seattle, WA, 98101";
  • ws_lat & ws_lon — A location specified by latitude and longitude.
    Example:  var ws_lat="42.360763";
                     var ws_lon="-71.0727024";
  • Notes:
    • You may want to write the location parameters dynamically using a server-side script with an address from your database


  • ws_width — The pixel width of the Neighborhood Map.
    Example:  var ws_width = "600";
  • ws_height — The pixel height of the Neighborhood Map.
    Example:  var ws_height = "300";
  • ws_layout — The Neighborhood Map has two layout modes: "horizontal" or "vertical".
    Example:  var ws_layout = "vertical";
  • Notes:
    • For responsive design or liquid layouts, you can use var ws_width = "100%";
      Here’s an example of the Neighborhood Map used in responsive design.
      Vertical layouts (ws_layout = "vertical") will work best in most responsive design situations. If you use a large map in a layout that includes some wider aspect ratios you can also try ws_layout = 'none' which does automatic layout switching based on the dimensions.

Distance units:

  • ws_distance_units — Override the default units (km or mi):
    Example:  var ws_distance_units = "km";
    Note: When location is specified via ws_lat and ws_lon the Neighborhood Map defaults to miles. When ws_address is used, the Neighborhood Map defaults to the units of the country the address is in.

Commute Report

  • ws_commute — Show commute report on Neighborhood Map that displays drive, transit, walk, and bike times.
    Example:  var ws_commute = "true";
  • ws_commute_address — [optional] Specify a pre-determined destination address for the commute.
    Example:  var ws_commute_address = "3503 NE 45th St Seattle";

Default View:

  • ws_default_view— Set the initial tile view.
    Example:  var ws_default_view = "commute";

Industry-Specific Amenity Categories:

  • ws_industry_type — Choose which set of amenities to show. Current choices: "residential", "travel", and "commercial".
    Example:  var ws_industry_type = "commercial";

Map Modules:

  • ws_map_modules — Choose which map types to enable from among the following using a comma separated list, or set to 'all', 'default' or 'none'.
    • google_map: [default] Google Street Map
    • street_view: [default] Google Street View
    • satellite: [default] Google Satellite View
    • walkability: [default] Walk Score heat map
    • walkshed: [default] 15 minute walking range
    • panoramio: Local pictures from Panoramio
    Example:  var ws_map_modules = "street_view,walkability";
  • ws_base_map— Choose which map type is shown on load. Default is 'google_map'. If the selected module is not available for a location, the first module menu option is enabled.
    Example:  var ws_base_map = "walkability";

Premium Neighborhood Map Parameters

The following parameters are for Walk Score Premium customers.

Transit Score and Public Transit:

  • ws_transit_score — Display Transit Score if available, as well as a summary of nearby stops and routes.
    Example:  var ws_transit_score = "true";
  • ws_public_transit — Show nearby transit stops and routes and a description of the number of nearby routes.
    Example:  var ws_public_transit = "true";
  • Note: ws_transit_score should be used for most sites. Sites that want to show public transit but not Transit Score can use ws_public_transit.

Amenity Reviews

  • ws_show_reviews — Show thumbnail images and a link to reviews in the info bubble when available.
    Example:  var ws_show_reviews = "true";

Map Icon

  • ws_map_icon_type — Choose which icon to use at the center of the map. Current choices: "house" and "building".
    Example:  var ws_map_icon_type = "building";
  • ws_custom_pin — Provide a URL for a custom icon. Must be a .png file. Set to "none" to hide the map icon completely.
    Example:  var ws_custom_pin = "http://your-domain.com/your-custom-pin.png";

Map View:

  • ws_map_zoom — Set an initial zoom-level for the map.
    Example:  var ws_map_zoom = 10;

Colors and Styling:

  • ws_background_color — A background color for the whole Neighborhood Map. Light colors recommended. (default: #fff).
    Example:  var ws_background_color = "#fff";
  • Note: To apply other styles to the whole Neighborhood Map, add css to your page that selects the Neighborhood Map's div using its ID: ws-walkscore-tile.
    Example:  <style> #ws-walkscore-tile { border: 1px solid #999; } </style>
  • Colors:
    • ws_map_frame_color — Color for the double frame (default: #999).
      Example:  var ws_map_frame_color = "#999";
    • ws_address_box_frame_color — Color for the address field's border (default #aaa).
      Example:  var ws_address_box_frame_color = "#aaa";
    • ws_address_box_bg_color — Color for the address field's background (default #aaa).
      Example:  var ws_address_box_bg_color = "#aaa";
    • ws_address_box_text_color — Color for the address field's text (default #aaa).
      Example:  var ws_address_box_text_color = "#aaa";
    • ws_category_color — Color for the category names (default: #777).
      Example:  var ws_category_color = "#777";
    • ws_result_color — Color for the names and distances of each destination (default #333).
      Example:  var ws_result_color = "#333";

Disable Features:

  • ws_hide_bigger_map — Hide the "Bigger map" link.
    Example:  var ws_hide_bigger_map = "true";
  • ws_disable_street_view — Turn off Street View.
    Example:  var ws_disable_street_view = "true";
  • ws_no_link_info_bubbles — Remove links from the info bubbles and removes the More link from the amenity list.
    Example:  var ws_no_link_info_bubbles = "true";
  • ws_hide_scores_below — By default, the Neighborhood Map displays scores from 0 to 100. If you prefer not to show low scores, you can use this to define the cutoff.
    Example:  var ws_hide_scores_below = "50"; (this will hide scores 0-49, and show scores 50-100)

Loading with HTTPS:

The Neighborhood Map can be loaded securely by requesting show-walkscore-tile.php with HTTPS instead of HTTP. In the code used to insert the Neighborhood Map into your page, replace "http" with "https" in the URL that requests show-walkscore-tile.php.

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