Walk Score Professional

Walk Score is the only international measure of walkability and the leading provider of neighborhood data to the real estate industry. More than 30,000 websites display Walk Score and we serve over 20 million scores each day.

Important to Shoppers

“For my buyers, walkability is almost equal to price as the most important criterion.”

- Stephanie Somers, REALTOR

Each point of Walk Score is worth up to $3,000 in a typical metro area.

- Joe Cortright,
CEOs for Cities

Commute time and places to walk are 2 of the top 3 most important community characteristics.

- National Association of Realtors

“Within walking distance of public transit we're seeing a 40 to 200% price premium.”

- Christopher Leinberger,
Brookings Institution

Homes save more energy from location efficiency than from building efficiency.

- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

A 10 point increase in Walk Score increases commercial property values by 5-8%.

- Gary Pivo, Professor
University of Arizona

What Our Customers Say

Increases Engagement

Walk Score increases renter engagement on our site.

Michael D'Alba, Director of Business Development, ForRent.com

Easy to Implement

We implemented Walk Score in hours. It was significantly cheaper than building something similar ourselves.

Mark Silva, Mobile Development Application Lead, ZipRealty.com