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Living in Boston

Home to MBTA, America's first subway system and dubbed "The Walking City" Boston is a pedestrian's perfect city. Bostonites can catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, or visit Boston Common, the oldest public park in the US.

The powerhouse investment firm, Fidelity Investments, solidified Boston's spot in the Top 30 Most Economically Powerful Cities in the World. Healthcare professionals often relocate to Boston to work at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Walk Score of Boston, MA

Boston is Very Walkable

Most errands can be accomplished on foot.

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Photo of Mission Hill Playground in Boston

Mission Hill Playground

Photo of Park Street Station in Boston

Park Street Station

Boston is the 3rd most walkable large city in the US with 617,594 residents.

Boston has excellent public transportation and is somewhat bikeable.

Find apartments in Boston's most walkable neighborhoods: Chinatown - Leather District, North End and Bay Village.

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Boston Neighborhoods




Walk Score

Transit Score

Bike Score


1 Chinatown - Leather District 98 100 65 4,431
2 North End 98 100 77 11,195
3 Bay Village 98 100 71 1,307
4 Beacon Hill 98 100 68 9,978
5 Downtown 97 100 70 9,358
6 Back Bay 96 97 86 18,194
7 South End 96 94 90 24,651
8 West End 95 100 80 4,062
9 Fenway - Kenmore - Audubon Circle - Longwood 94 95 89 36,713
10 Central Maverick Square - Paris Street 92 67 73 11,164
11 Central Square 92 62 56 704
12 Lower Roxbury 90 93 91 13,752
13 Hyde Square 89 76 91 8,114
14 Uphams Corner - Jones Hill 88 65 60 11,385
15 Telegraph Hill 88 56 68 8,392
16 Mission Hill 88 91 81 17,692
17 Meeting House Hill 87 69 58 7,489
18 Jeffries Point 87 68 69 8,312
19 D Street - West Broadway 87 70 65 10,407
20 Fields Corner West 86 73 57 5,398
21 Eagle Hill 86 64 58 9,558
22 Fields Corner East 86 66 65 2,888
23 St. Marks 85 76 61 9,654
24 Allston 84 66 91 19,014
25 Sav-Mor 84 78 68 6,088
26 Thompson Square - Bunker Hill 83 71 72 13,293
27 Bowdoin North - Mount Bowdoin 83 70 50 5,193
28 Egleston Square 83 72 84 6,800
29 Dudley - Brunswick King 83 72 60 15,435
30 Mattapan Square 82 69 71 1,007
31 Codman Square - East Codman Hill 82 75 52 9,774
32 Ashmont 81 80 50 6,915
33 Columbus Park - Andrew Square 80 70 70 7,457
34 Jamaica Central - South Sumner 80 75 88 10,304
35 Stony Brook - Cleary Square 80 59 55 5,895
36 Neponset - Port Norfolk 79 59 66 7,073
37 Commonwealth 79 71 71 22,199
38 Washington Park 79 75 71 17,431
39 St. Elizabeth's 79 72 72 15,539
40 Oak Square 79 57 64 16,728
41 City Point 78 53 73 7,430
42 Wellington Hill 78 61 52 7,853
43 Medford Street - The Neck 77 67 67 3,078
44 Franklin Field North 75 73 65 7,044
45 Lower Washington - Mount Hope 75 64 61 9,124
46 Columbia Point 75 66 70 16,963
47 Lower East Mills - Cedar Grove 75 70 60 5,242
48 Highland Park 75 87 70 3,945
49 Centre-South 74 59 68 4,462
50 West Codman Hill - West Lower Mills 73 67 54 5,389
51 Metropolitan Hill - Beach Street 72 57 55 13,945
52 Franklin Field South 70 64 63 10,221
53 Bellevue Hill 68 48 49 2,707
54 Harbor View - Orient Heights 68 59 58 11,113
55 Jamaica Hills - Pond 65 64 80 7,611
56 Southern Mattapan 64 65 57 10,243
57 West Street - River Street 58 57 51 14,063
58 Forest Hills - Woodbourne 57 72 59 4,593
59 Readville 54 49 56 3,767
60 Fairmount Hills 54 49 48 5,336
61 Brook Farm 53 43 48 12,731
62 Upper Washington - Spring Street 52 42 40 14,323
63 Georgetown 39 47 43 2,626
64 Long Island 0 0 6 532

Average Home Features

According to HomeAdvisor Data, these characteristics make up the average home in Boston

Average square footage 1900
Homeowners have 3.1 bedrooms
Homeowners have 2 bathrooms
Age of home 55 years
Average time living in home 13 years

Check out HomeAdvisor’s Boston Home Happiness Survey.

Eating & Drinking

There are about 3,017 restaurants, bars and coffee shops in Boston.

People in Boston can walk to an average of 3 restaurants, bars and coffee shops in 5 minutes.

Photo of Crazy Dough's Pizza in Boston

Crazy Dough's Pizza

Photo of Samuel Adams Brewery Tour & Gift Shop in Boston

Samuel Adams Brewery Tour & Gift Shop

Restaurant Choices Map

= More Choices

thumbnail for Chinatown GateThe entrance on Beach Street to the majority of restaurants & shops in Chinatown.

Ian R Hutchinson
on Chinatown Gate

Transit Score of Boston, MA

Boston has Excellent Transit

Transit is convenient for most trips. Find Boston apartments for rent near public transit.

Public Transit Routes

Boston has excellent public transportation and about 116 bus, 12 rail, 3 subway, 5 light rail and 2 ferry lines.

Transit Time

The map above shows how far you can travel in 30 minutes from Boston on public transit.

Neighborhood Guides

Thinking of renting an apartment or buying in Boston? Ask our neighborhood guides a question.

Voula Paras

I grew up in west Roxbury mass, I am currently a home maker mother of 2, am engaged, travel around Boston and surrounding towns daily. I am a motivated go getter willing to try new things with a great scence of humor. Feel free to contact me if needed any info about Boston and surrounding towns.

Ask Voula about Boston

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Photo of Francis D Martini Memorial Shell in Boston

Francis D Martini Memorial Shell

Photo of Francis D Martini Memorial Shell in Boston

Francis D Martini Memorial Shell

Photo of Navarrette Grocery in Boston

Navarrette Grocery

Photo of George Washington Statue in Boston

George Washington Statue

Photo of Huntington Ave @ Mass Ave in Boston

Huntington Ave @ Mass Ave

Photo of Huntington Ave @ Mass Ave in Boston

Huntington Ave @ Mass Ave

Bike Score of Boston, MA

Boston is Bikeable

Some bike infrastructure.


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What's It Like to Live in Boston?

Photo of Castle At Park Plaza Hotel in Boston

Castle At Park Plaza Hotel

Photo of Francis D Martini Memorial Shell in Boston

Francis D Martini Memorial Shell

Photo of Francis D Martini Memorial Shell in Boston

Francis D Martini Memorial Shell

Photo of SoWa Open Market in Boston

SoWa Open Market


Founded in 1630, Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US. Its critical role in US history isn’t confined to the Revolutionary War, though. The first public school was opened in Boston, and the city built the first subway system in the US in 1897. Boston was progressive about transit decades – a whole century! – before most of America’s cities. A city with that kind of foresight about mass transit means that there are solid foundations in place for great walkable communities.

The Boston area is home to a number of prestigious universities. Harvard and MIT across the Charles River in Cambridge. Tufts – well known for its medical school – is north of the city. That’s just big names, Boston has more than 100 colleges and universities and an estimated student population of over 250,000. The city is home to the iconic Red Sox, the Celtics, and the world famous Boston Marathon. Because of its location on the banks of the Charles, it’s known for rowing and is the site of the annual Head of the Charles Regatta.

All those students make for an educated work force. Hospitals are some of the biggest employers in the region, though there’s also a large financial services sector; Fidelity Investments is here. There are a few publishers including Houghton Mifflen and Bedford-St. Martins. Car share company Zipcar has their headquarters in Boston and many big tech companies – Microsoft, Twitter, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard – have satellite campuses in the region.

The oldest public park in the United States is in Boston – Boston Commons – and the city has been highly rated for its public park system. The city gets four true seasons, with spring and fall being spectacular, flowering trees or changing leaves, you get them both. Boston’s Irish roots still influence local culture, as does the sizeable Italian population. The city also has a large Jewish community.

Photo of Dorchester Heights National Historic Site in Boston

Dorchester Heights National Historic Site

Photo of Navarrette Grocery in Boston

Navarrette Grocery

Getting Around

The MBTA combines a subway (the “T”), bus, commuter rail and ferry boat system to provide transit to the greater Boston area. The extensive subway system includes a connection to Logan International Airport. If the subway doesn’t reach your neighborhood, the commuter rail line probably does. Bus service fills in the gaps.

Amtrak and a handful of bus lines run regular service to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, and there are a number of express bus lines that serve these routes as well. If you need a car to run errands or move something big, ZipCar has dozens of stations not just in the city, but out in Brookline, Brighton, Medford, Malden, and more.

RelayRides and Getaround – peer to peer car sharing services – also operate in the Boston area.

MassBike publishes the map that shows where the best bike routes are in Boston – and most of the topography is very bicycle friendly. They’re plentiful, as you’d expect in a city with so many students. The city is seeing increasing number of bicycle commuter and continues to install bike racks and secure bike parking at major T stations. The Hubway has 72 stations in central Boston and 32 stations in Cambridge, Brookline, and Somerville.

thumbnail for Union Oyster House, Inc.The oldest continuously operated restaurant in America. JFK was a regular here.

on Union Oyster House, Inc.


The North End is a historic neighborhood – it was where Paul Revere lived – and it’s top ranked in the city for walkability. It’s densely populated, the streets are narrow, there’s an abundance of excellent restaurants, and it’s got one of the city’s best public schools. This was once a primarily Italian neighborhood; gentrification has changed the character. There are more professionals and more fancy renovations of the colonial era brick buildings, and there are brand new luxury condo complexes right on the waterfront. You can have a gourmet kitchen and balcony with a view across the river while being walking distance from everything you need.

Chinatown also ranks very high for walkability. At street level, it’s got all the stuff you’d expect from a historic Chinatown, funky markets, great restaurants, but Chinatown is also home to towering modern highrise apartment buildings and some nicely renovated classic brick buildings.

You’ll find one and two bedroom apartments in modern buildings with onsite gyms, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and other luxury amenities.

West of downtown, Allston is on the light rail line and has lots of single family homes, some of them quite large, with four or more bedrooms. Forbes Magazine called Allston “blue collar meets hipster” in reference to the large student population mixed with working class families. There are two and three story homes here, places with hardwood floors, off street parking, and you may find prices a little lower than in other Boston neighborhoods.

Photo of Roslindale Fish Market in Boston

Roslindale Fish Market

Photo of Parkview Inn in Boston

Parkview Inn

Photo of Elsie E. Davis Square in Boston

Elsie E. Davis Square

Photo of Paul Revere in Boston

Paul Revere

Fenway, the area around the stadium, has a Whole Foods market and is bordered on one side by Back Bay Fens, a park with a rose garden, play fields, and, because of the fresh water, a nice spot for birders. It’s not just baseball at Fenway, the Boston Symphony is nearby and the Museum of Fine Arts. There are apartments in older, attractive brick buildings, some of them quite large. A few of the buildings have nice detailing still in place – box molding ceilings in the public areas, fireplaces, hardwood and hardwood floors.

Cambridge, across the river from Boston and home to Harvard University, has a mix of student housing, row houses and townhomes, and swanky new apartments. It’s possible to find some single family homes here, but most of the rentals are studios up to two bedroom apartments.

Everything near the university is walkable and you’re never far from transit. Because you’re close to campus, there’s all kinds of street life – there are dozens of restaurants and cafes in West Cambridge the neighborhood just south of campus.

There’s no shortage of walkable options in Boston. Should you pick a place right in the center of the city, or further out on the commuter line, it’s entirely possible to live car-free in this historic – yet always forward thinking – city.

Home to MBTA, the world's first subway system and dubbed "The Walking City" Boston is a pedestrian's perfect city. Bostonites can catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, or visit Boston Common, the oldest public park in the US.

The powerhouse investment firm, Fidelity Investments, solidified Boston's spot in the Top 30 Most Economically Powerful Cities in the World. Healthcare professionals often relocate to Boston to work at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Find apartments to rent in one of Boston's many historic neighborhoods. Heading to Beantown for college? Find walkable Boston college apartments for rent near Harvard, MIT, or Boston College. 63% of Boston residents rent their home. Search for apartments or homes in Beacon Hill, Brighton, Dorchester, or Charleston.

MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) makes transportation around the city easy, with convenient access to the Boston Subway, Green Line, Blue Line and Orange Line. Find the best place to live in Boston with Walk Score.

thumbnail for Charlestown Navy YardTake a tour of the U.S.S. Constitution Old Ironside at the Boston Navy Yard.

Ian R Hutchinson
on Charlestown Navy Yard

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Photo of Mildred Avenue Sprinkler Park in Boston

Mildred Avenue Sprinkler Park

Photo of Resting Area in Boston

Resting Area

Photo of Outdoors in Boston


thumbnail for Mission Hill PlaygroundNestled between the Mission Church & Maurice J. Tobin School is this large playground with water play & two basketball hoops & down the hill is a baseball field.

Ian R Hutchinson
on Mission Hill Playground

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