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Moving to Fort Worth from Memphis BETA

This page shows which neighborhoods in Fort Worth are similar to neighborhoods in Memphis.

Rents in Fort Worth average $1 and are about the same as rents in Memphis.

Fort Worth's Walk Score is 35, the same as Memphis's Walk Score.

Fort Worth has minimal public transportation and does not have many bike lanes. Fort Worth has a Transit Score of 22, Memphis's score is 22. Fort Worth's Bike Score is 39, Memphis's score is 41.

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Similar Neighborhoods

Here are neighborhoods in Fort Worth, Texas that are similar to Memphis, Tennessee neighborhoods.

Similarity is based on walkability, public transit, population density, rent, income, and social signals. Don't take our analysis too seriously because similarity is in the eye of the beholder!

Alamo Heights is similar to Audobon Square Condominiums, Belleair Woods and Central Gardens in Memphis.

Basswood Park is similar to Orange Mound Civic Orgganization, Grahamwood and Williamsburg Colony in Memphis.

Bellaire Park North is similar to Scenic Hills, Longview Heights Civic Club and Hedgemoor Civic Club in Memphis.

Belmont Terrace is similar to Eastlawn - Crider - Pinecrest Block Club, South Memphis Citizens United for Action and Rhodes Hollywood Springdale Partnership in Memphis.

Berkeley Place is similar to Binghampton-Lester, Normal Station and Magnolia Barksdale Civic Club in Memphis.

Blue Haze is similar to Westside, Valley Boulevard Block Club and Inman Cove Block Club in Memphis.

Bluebonnet Hills is similar to New Pathways, Paul Borda Towers and Idlewild in Memphis.

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Bluebonnet Place is similar to Midtown-Central, East Midtown and Idlewild in Memphis.

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Brentmoor is similar to Imogene Heights, Audubon Park and Cherokee Civic Club in Memphis.

Brentwood-Oak Hills is similar to Magnolia Barksdale Civic Club, Raleigh-Ridge Park and Colonial Acres in Memphis.

Burchill is similar to Fountain Court Block Club, Dottie-Sparks and Claremont Circle Block Club in Memphis.

Butler is similar to Harbor Town, Hunters Hollow and Chapel Creek in Memphis.

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Byers Mccart is similar to Poplar Highland, Victorian Village and Colonial View Civic Club in Memphis.

Candle Ridge West is similar to Alta Vista Stage, Rangeline and Richmond Colony in Memphis.

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Eastgate is similar to Ridgeway Estates Neighborhood Watch, Alcy-Ball and Westwood in Memphis.

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