Walk Score Professional

This API returns the Walk Score, Transit Score and Bike Score for any location.

Live Walk Score API call.

Programmers can use the API to:

  • Integrate Walk Score into your site
  • Add Walk Score to your property listings
  • Enable searching and sorting by Walk Score

The Walk Score API is supported in the United States and Canada.

API Examples

The Walk Score API as used on Zillow.com

Show the Walk Score and Transit Score of millions of properties every day.

Drop down menu that uses Walk Score as a real estate search criteria

Allow your visitors to search and sort apartments by Walk Score.

Getting Started

To start using the API, request an API key.

  Get an API Key  

Branding Requirements

All API calls must comply with the Walk Score branding requirements.

For example integrations of the Walk Score API, see our case studies.

Sample Code

Calls to the Walk Score API must be made from a server-side script. View sample code.

Walk Score API Call

API calls are made from the base URL https://api.walkscore.com:

Name URL Description
score / Returns the Walk Score, Transit Score and Bike Score for a given location.

The "Walk Score" API Call

EXAMPLE. To get all 3 scores for 1119 8th Ave S, Seattle, WA, make the following call:


The Walk Score API will return the following:

"status": 1
, "walkscore": 98
, "description": "Walker's Paradise"
, "updated": "2016-11-17 04:40:31.218250"
, "logo_url": "https://cdn.walk.sc/images/api-logo.png"
, "more_info_icon": "https://cdn.walk.sc/images/api-more-info.gif"
, "more_info_link": "https://www.walkscore.com/how-it-works/"
, "ws_link":
, "help_link": "https://www.walkscore.com/how-it-works/"
, "snapped_lat": 47.6085
, "snapped_lon": -122.3295
, "transit" : {"score": 100, "description": "Rider's Paradise", "summary": "115 nearby routes: 103 bus, 6 rail, 6 other"}
, "bike" : {"score": 68, "description": "Bikeable"}

The Walk Score API takes the following parameters:

Parameter Description Required
lat The latitude of the requested location. Yes
lon The longitude of the requested location. Yes
address The URL encoded address. Yes
wsapikey Your Walk Score API Key. Contact us to get one. Yes
transit Set transit=1 to request Transit Score (if available). No
bike Set bike=1 to request Bike Score (if available). No
format Return results in XML or JSON (defaults to XML). No

The Walk Score API returns an XML or JSON response containing:

Result Description
status Status code of the result (see information below).
walkscore The Walk Score of the location.
description An English description of the Walk Score. E.G. Somewhat Walkable.
updated When the Walk Score was calculated.
logo_url Link to the Walk Score logo.
more_info_icon Link to question mark icon to display next to the score.
more_info_link URL for the question mark to link to.
ws_link A link to the walkscore.com score and map for the point.
help_link A link to the "How Walk Score Works" page.
snapped_lat All points are "snapped" to a grid (roughly 500 feet wide per grid cell). This value is the snapped latitude for the point.
snapped_lon The snapped longitude for the point.

The returned logo_url and more_info_icon URLs are https links, but may also be accessed via http.

Handling Unavailable Walk Score

If a Walk Score is unavailable via the Walk Score API, show the text "Get Score" with a link to the property on Walk Score (ws_link).

If the request to the API fails entirely (network timeout, error response, etc.), this option can be used with a link to the Walk Score homepage instead (www.walkscore.com).

All of these requirements are implemented in our sample code.

Walk Score API Status and Error Codes

Successful API requests return an HTTP 200 response with the following status codes:

HTTP Response Status Code Description
200 1 Walk Score successfully returned.
200 2 Score is being calculated and is not currently available.
404 30 Invalid latitude/longitude.
500 series 31 Walk Score API internal error.
200 40 Your WSAPIKEY is invalid.
200 41 Your daily API quota has been exceeded.
403 42 Your IP address has been blocked.

Contact us for tech support.