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The Travel Time API rapidly calculates travel times between places and visualizes travel times on a map. The Travel Time API helps you engage your site visitors by allowing them to explore their commute time and neighborhood.

The Travel Time API can be used to:

The Travel Time API calculates drive time with rush hour or free-flow traffic, as well as travel times for public transit, walking, and biking. The API is supported in the United States and Canada.

Getting Started

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There are two versions of the Travel Time API. The JavaScript Library can be used to easily add a Travel Time Widget to your map or to calculate travel times.

The HTTP/REST version is used to make server-side requests and returns travel times for a set of locations.

JavaScript Library API HTTP/REST (Server Side) API

Travel Time API Examples

Visualization Example
screenshot of a transit time shed overlay on a map

Create travel time visualizations in your map application.

Pins on a Map
screenshot of code example that places multiple destinations on a map and lists relative travel times for walk distance

Rapidly calculate travel times for points on a map.

Drive Time API Example

Rush Hour Traffic Drive Times
screenshot of free-flow vs. rush hour drive time

The Travel Time API handles drive times with free flow and rush hour traffic estimates. Our drive time engine estimates traffic congestion based on data for over 100 metro areas, and computes drive times on a road-by-road basis.

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